Tiger Leaf: Supplier of leaf springs, leaf springs, traditional leaf spring , conventional leaf springs

About The Company

We have been manufacturing and serving customers in India and around the world. Our company has gained experience over the years which has helped us in establishing our trade mark

and quality go hand in hand that is why our quality management systems have been approved by international quality certification providing organizations. Quality is so embedded at PANDIT BROTHERS that we follow 7 step quality checking policy which has helped us in continuously improving and evaluating quality of leaf springs manufactured by us.

Our company has ability to develop, manufacture and deliver leaf springs strictly as per the drawings or dimensions forwarded to us.

Special Features

  • In house R&D department
  • In house tooling for 100% accuracy
  • In house testing facility
  • Best heat treatment practice avaliable
  • 7 tire quality check process
  • High standard painting system